I have to admit at the outset that I don’t actually know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that the bezel is the most talked-about top UK super clone watches component, but I think it’s probably close. Cases are too general to be in the running, and crowns are often too innocuous to merit much discussion (and, let’s face it, with modern automatic replica watches for sale you are probably not going to touch the crown very often unless your watch has run down and you have to re-set it). Date windows are more or less binary as objects for discussion – people seem to either love them (or at least not mind them) or hate them (or at least, wish they weren’t there) and that’s more or less it.

Pilot’s Watch Slide Rule Bezels

The slide rule bezel on pilot’s 1:1 super clone watches is everyone’s favorite bezel to have and not know how to use – I have tried on many occasions to make doing any calculation other than multiplication stick in my head and I know that there is an impressive list of other calculations you can do, but damned if I can remember them all.

The slide rule bezel is a kind of circular slide rule and slide rules, in the days before calculators, were used for all sorts of industrial and scientific calculations. (The classic nerd accessories were a pocket protector and a slide rule). To multiply 9 x 12 on perfect fake Breitling Navitimer watches, for instance, you turn the outer bezel until the number 12 is opposite the ten on the inner bezel (helpfully marked in red). Then, find the number nine on the inner bezel and read off the number opposite it on the outer bezel. If you have either excellent close-up vision or have just updated your reading glasses prescription, you will be able to see that the nine is opposite 108 on the outer scale. In these modern times, we all just reach for our cell phone calculator, but with a slide rule bezel you feel like a cool pre-digital age aviation hero, right?

Compass Bezels

Pretty much any wholesale super clone watches with a 12-hour dial and an hour hand can be used to determine which direction is North, and of course, if you know which way North is, can South, East, and West be far behind?

The basic procedure in the northern hemisphere is to hold the Swiss made copy watches flat and line up the hour hand with the sun (this method depends on the fact that in the northern hemisphere, the sun travels across the southern part of the sky). Go clockwise from the hour hand (if it’s before noon) until you reach the exact halfway point between the hour hand and the 12:00 marker and draw a line from the center of the dial to that point – you’ll have a line pointing north. A compass bezel relies on the same principle, but the dial markers let you get a better idea of your actual bearing, depending on which way you decide to go.

Tachymeter Bezels

The tachymeter bezel is used for measuring speed over a particular distance, and it can be calibrated for either miles or kilometers per hour. The basic procedure for using one is simple. Start your car, and head towards the first mile marker. If your speed is constant over the measured mile, great; if it’s not, you’ll still get your average speed for the entire mile. Start the luxury super clone Omega chronograph watches as you pass the first marker and stop it when you pass the second. If it stops at 120, you have traveled a mile in half a minute and are flying along at 120mph. Go, high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Racer watches.

It’s worth mentioning, by the way, that you can measure other units other than miles per hour. Suppose you are trying to calculate how many widgets per hour a production line produces. When the first widget passes you, start the chronograph. When the second widget comes through, stop the chronograph. If the chrono seconds hand is at 120, you are looking at 120 widgets per hour (or Teslas, or what have you).

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