The time has finally come. Most of the editors have had their chance to tell you about the watch collection that they’d create for €5K. It’s always a fun hypothetical situation to explore. With a snap of the fingers, you find yourself at the start of the watch-collecting road. There’s nothing in your watch box, but you have €5,000 to get started — what do you do? Now, in this scenario, we maintain our collecting experience and knowledge of best UK super clone watches. In the case of many of us, this comes from years of obsession with these wrist-mounted timekeepers. However, it seems these lists offer only brief snapshots of where our heads are at any given time. In my case, I had written down a list, but upon revisiting it a couple of weeks later, two of the 1:1 AAA replica watches had changed completely.

So, what would comprise my starter trio for €5,000? Well, before we answer that question, let’s look back at how I answered the previous one. I’m referring to my article on how I’d start a collection with €10K, in which I selected the following trio. I started off with the high quality super clone Omega Seamaster Professional 300M watches, and whereas I picked the blue one back in February, I think I’d go with the since-released green model were I to re-write my list.

Vintage Omega Seamaster Super Clone Watches

Now for something a little bit more classy, understated, and (as Thomas put it in his article) with a touch of history. As you may or may not know, my watch journey began with mostly vintage cheap fake watches. And though I enjoy modern watches just as much these days, I do have somewhat of a soft spot for vintage pieces. As such, having one in this €5K trio was a no-brainer for me. My choice and one that I feel has a perfect balance of brand, heritage, and value is vintage luxury super clone Omega Seamaster watches. More specifically, the pre-dive-watch Seamasters of the ’50s and ’60s. There were as many different models made during this time period as there are stars in the sky. Personally, my sweet spot lies in the “beefy-lug” models with a 35-36mm case.

In fact, my most recent purchase is the copy watches for sale you see pictured here. It’s a 1961 Seamaster reference 14762. Inside, Omega’s beautiful automatic caliber 562 keeps incredibly good time. And though these top super clone Omega Seamaster watches were delivered on leather, Omega created steel beads-of-rice bracelets that were made available through boutiques and retailers. If you can get your hands on one with the bracelet, I’d definitely recommend it. They’re extremely loose and rattly, but on the wrist, these bracelets are lovely. I paid just under €1,000 for mine, but realistically, these vintage Seamasters in steel will set you back €1,000–1,500. If you find one you like and that is in good condition, I’d recommend you pick it up before they get a much-deserved gain in popularity and double in price.

Not-so-new Breitling Aerospace Replica Watches

Did things just take a weird turn? Maybe. But I wouldn’t say so. It’s always a good thing to have something a little odd in your collection, a watch that you enjoy despite what others might initially think of it. Sure, here, I may be preaching to the choir, but I feel that these 40mm perfect replica Breitling Aerospace watches from the early 2000s are simply brilliant. And if I hadn’t already put my money where my mouth is with the last pick, this watch is also one that I personally own and enjoy more than makes any sense. My personal Breitling Aerospace is somewhat of oddball Swiss made super clone watches with the reference F65362. The story behind how and why I got it, as well as why it looks the way it does is one for another day. You can expect to pay around €1,500 for one in decent shape.

But the reasons why I would want to include this in my €5K watch collection abound. Personally, I’m a fan of its looks. Breitling has since adopted a shinier aesthetic for its fake watches online site and even opted for a larger size. And though many people enjoy the newest Aerospace, I personally prefer this one. The idea behind including it is to have a reliable grab-and-go piece. This is China super clone watches that can spend weeks at a time on or off my wrist. Thanks to the chronometer-rated quartz movement inside, however, it remains reliably on time. It’s also feature-packed with a chronograph, an alarm, a countdown timer, and even a second-timezone function. Its titanium case and bracelet make it light and comfortable to wear either as a perfect daily beater or as a fuss-free travel companion.

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