In this new series of watch reviews, we are asking new luxury UK super clone watches buyers to share their purchasing stories with us. We discuss what they were looking for, what else they were considering, why they finally took the plunge and more.  Kicking off the series, we spoke to Giancarlo Roselli, a self-confessed “promiscuous” watch lover, from the Atlanta Watch Society, USA, who has a fun story to share.

I purchased the watch in the Spring of 2021. It was a watch that had caught my attention. I had owned 1:1 AAA replica Omega Seamaster watches before and for whatever reason, I would fall out of love with them. I had one iteration that was more of the older Bond style, but that one went out the door quite quickly. The blue was nice but it wasn’t that deep wave dial that they now have. In 2020, I bought a blue version of the wave dial, so the newer version, and I liked it very much. But then I got a phone call from our friends at high quality Rolex super clone watches about a “Starbucks”, or whatever they call it, the Rolex Submariner with the green bezel, and I needed the funds, so I had to sacrifice it.

So, I sold the blue one. And then somebody posted the white one on Instagram and I just said, “Wow! That’s beautiful” and I really needed to see one up close. So I went to the local authorized dealer, but they didn’t have it in stock. So, I took a risk and decided to purchase it. I really liked it, but I found that I wasn’t wearing it enough because at the time I still had quite a few Swiss made fake watches in the rotation that I wanted to wear. The Submariner being one of them, and a few other sports watch models.

Then one day, I went to a family gathering and one of my wife’s cousins saw the watch on my wrist and fell in love with it. He told me that if ever I wanted to sell it, he would be interested. There is one thing that I always joke about, but I am always falling in and out of love with best super clone watches. I am not very loyal, even a little promiscuous some would say! Now, it wasn’t that I had fallen out of love with the wholesale copy Omega Seamaster watches, but again, something else had caught my eye. I started to say, well my wife’s cousin really likes it, he doesn’t have anything like this, and his biggest watch is a Seiko SKX, and there is nothing wrong in that, but I knew that this perfect super clone watches would get a lot of wear on his wrist. So, I decided to sell it to him and I almost instantly regretted it. I started to see it more and more, and then I was looking back at some of the pictures that I had taken, and you know, I really regretted it. But at this time, I wasn’t thinking about buying it again or buying it back.

One other thing that I had done, when I owned the replica watches online, was that I had purchased this really cool Omega shark mesh bracelet and I had given it to him with the watch when I sold it. It is a Ploprof mesh bracelet. I haven’t had the courage to go down the Ploprof route yet, but it is super clone watches store site I really like, and I love the bracelet, so I went to the local AD and they ordered me the 20mm Ploprof bracelet. It obviously didn’t have the fitted look, but you know with these mesh bracelets, they usually don’t, right? It just gave it a really cool look in my opinion. Some people jokingly call this model the Great White, which is also the name of the Tokyo Olympics version, but they call this version the Great White too. I put a lot of effort into getting this bracelet, so that made me regret selling it too.

So long story short, fast forward a few months and I saw that Jason Heaton, from the Gray Nato podcast had one and he started this challenge of wearing one watch for a whole month and he had posted several pictures with the Swiss movements fake watches. And it just really caught my attention again. I just had to try it on. I went to the local AD and they had it in stock, and I tried it on and I succumbed to the temptation. It is now a week and a half that I have had it, and everyone thinks I am going to sell it again!

The story also ends on an even brighter note as my wife’s cousin saw that I had re-bought it and sent me back the mesh bracelet, and I am loving it all over again!

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