Mapping and understanding the lineage of iconic AAA UK super clone watches is the guiding principle behind the original series Reference Points. Designed to make us smarter, well-informed, and – depending on who you trap in a conversation about the minutiae of the Zenith El Primero, for example – either more interesting or deeply, deeply nerdy.

One of our most-requested article types, Reference Points is also among the most difficult to put together and write. The time, effort, and resources required to partner with experts to source rare examples of legendary 1:1 cheap replica watches and document them with professional video and photography lend the original series its own rarified quality. Though we’d like to do more, to date we’ve published just eight digital Reference Points, tackling horological heavyweights like the Rolex Submariner and the Swiss made Omega Speedmaster super clone watches, the watch used to get to the Moon. If our articles were watches, Reference Points would be something like a Patek Philippe 1518 in steel.

In Reference Points, we trace how these luxury fake watches have evolved through the years, from their earliest days to, in some cases, the present moment. For instance, how the GMT-Master bezel insert evolved from Bakelite with radioactive lume, to aluminum, to ceramic like the version here.

Our most recent Reference Points demonstrated how the Rolex Explorer super clone watches for sale has remained remarkably true to its original form through the years, with only minor and occasional departures from its classic 36mm size. The reference 14270, seen below, demonstrates how Rolex became the modern watchmaker it is today. With this reference, we see applied markers and numerals and the use of sapphire crystal. Early examples have drilled lugs, but later ones are closed.

The best online Rolex Submariner copy watches is likely the best-known luxury watch design in the world. It’s a purpose-built tool watch whose cultural cachet and silver-screen appearances allowed it to supersede its original purpose and become a real icon. Our Reference Points on this line focuses on its vintage variations – there are so many – but the consistency of the design is remarkable, and can be seen in more recent examples, like the previous generation no-date Sub reference 14060, below.

In our Reference Points on the high quality super clone Rolex Sea-Dweller watches, we look at the variations of Rolex’s ultimate dive watch. While the Submariner is the better-known and more popular top wholesale replica Rolex dive watches, the Sea-Dweller is a remarkable piece of engineering made for saturation diving. That Rolex continues to evolve this highly specific watch made for professionals is a testament to the Crown’s commitment to making highly specific tool super clone watches shop site.

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