Jacob Elordi is everywhere. His Saltburn x Priscilla starring-role combo is the culprit for taking his Euphoria hype and turning him into a triple-A list contender, and now as if we needed more reasons to like him – he’s just added ‘being funny’ to his list of talents as he nailed his Saturday Night Live debut.

While the internet throws up memes about the likeness of his style to Princess Diana, we see classic Hollywood leading man in him – James Dean, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen vibes – and one surefire way of cementing yourself among the Hollywood elite is by scoring highly on the high quality super clone watches scale.

True to form, Jacob Elordi is rarely seen out and about without a killer watch on, and this weekend’s SNL was no exception, with the Aussie actor wearing his best wrist fit yet. During his opening monologue, while humbly admitting he’s not naturally that funny, on several occasions Elordi clasped his hands together – kinda prayer-like – to reveal the latest apple of his eye: best UK replica Cartier Tank Louis watches. With a yellow gold case, black lacquer dial, sapphire crown and alligator strap, this watch has just as many dreamboat qualities as Elordi. It’s been suggested that Sofia Coppola (who directed him in Priscilla) might be responsible for Elordi being so wholly seduced by Cartier’s most coveted model – as the director has long been a so-called friend of the brand.

Whether true or not, what’s perhaps most telling about Elordi’s new obsession is that he’s been spotted wearing his Tanks with just as many casual fits as dressed up – with SNL another telling example of this. Here’s other Swiss made super clone watches that make the actor a serious up-and-comer in the watch nerd stakes.

Cartier Tank Normale Super Clone Watches

It’s ironic that Cartier coined the recently reissued luxury fake Cartier Tank Normale watches as ‘Normale’, when it’s anything but. It’s boxy, it’s chic, it pretty much goes with anything and you can take it anywhere. Elordi took one to the Venice Film Festival for Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla premiere. We were particularly pleased to clock this archive piece – reissued from its former 1917 self – on the wrist of this Hollywood hotshot. No stranger to the slender frame of the OG Tank, this quadrilateral paradigm of perfection comes in 18k yellow gold.

Replica Cartier Tank Must Watches

There’s more to Elordi’s collection than TAG Heuer, though. On The Today Show, Elordi sported killer Cartier Tank Must super clone watches for sale. Arguably the ultimate investment for any watch collection, Elordi showcased his dominance as an underrated fashion icon with an unexpected diamond bezel, set with 42 brilliant-cut beauties, totalling 0.48 carats. Because Elvis also liked to flash a rock or too.

Super Clone Rolex Bubbleback Watches

By far the most striking piece in his collection is yellow gold wholesale 2024 copy Rolex Bubbleback 6084 watches from the ‘50s, which as Felix Catton he wore throughout Saltburn. A hallmark of the ‘30s – the name comes from the large screw-down casebacks – it was the precursor to the Explorer and the Oyster. For us, it counts as a solid heirloom in the Elordi family and is in keeping with his olde worlde slouched style.

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