Everywhere you looked, it seemed risk-takers were diving to the depths of the oceans, summiting the world’s tallest mountains, hitting the racetrack at new speeds, venturing over the poles and taking to the skies with an eye toward space. Those partaking in these new adventures required purpose-built tools that could accompany them and stand up to whatever mystery lay around the next horizon, and the AAA UK super clone watches industry of the 1950s was more than ready to heed the call.

Rolex GMT-Master Super Clone Watches

    Year Introduced: 1954

    Why It’s Significant: The first-ever GMT watch, released a year after the Glycine Airman but became far more influential with its use of a fourth hand to track time on a 24-hour bezel.

Rolex in the 1950s was a lot like Apple in the 21st century. The brand usually wasn’t the first to market with new concepts, but its skillfulness as an innovator and mastery over marketing ensured that its perfect replica watches would be the ones people remembered and lusted after.

It happened with the Explorer, it happened with the Submariner and it happened with this watch, the first-ever example of what we consider a GMT watch. Created in response to a call from Pan Am for a two-time zone watch for its pilots, the top super clone Rolex GMT-Master watches debuted after the Glycine Airman, but it had a far greater impact.

Instead of relying on a 24-hour dial to read the main time, the Rolex used a conventional (and easier to read for most people) 12-hour format. It also added a fourth hand that made one revolution every 24 hours, which, when paired with the rotating 24-hour bezel — executed in an eye-catching “Pepsi” color format of red and blue to distinguish daytime and nighttime hours — made it easier than ever to read two time zones at once.

The GMT-Master quickly became associated with Pan Am pilots and air travel in general, and its example of a two-time zone watch became the industry standard. Today, practically every major watch brand makes GMT fake watches for sale with a 24-hour bezel (quite a few of which are of the “Pepsi” variety) and a fourth GMT hand, and all of them can trace their lineage to the GMT-Master.

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches

    Year Introduced: 1954

    Why It’s Significant: The definitive modern pilot’s tool watch, recognizable for its busy layout and slide rule bezel that allows for numerous flight calculations.

With so many pilots suddenly flying all over the world in the 1950s, there arose a need for more dedicated tool super clone watches online to aid them in their aviation. In addition to the GMT, the other major pilot-specific watch genre that sprang up in the decade was the flight calculator. In 1952, Breitling was approached by the US Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to come up with a new chronograph to aid its pilots on their journeys.

The brand came up with the Navitimer, which incorporated a logarithmic slide rule into the bezel. By transferring this flight computer to the wrist in conjunction with the chronograph, the high quality copy watches could be used to calculate things like average speed, fuel consumption, the rate or climb of descent and to convert miles to kilometers.

The charmingly busy Navitimer showed just how much functionality could be worn on the wrist, and it has been a favorite of aviators, as well as cheap super clone Breitling‘s undisputed flagship watches, for nearly 70 years now.

With all of the advanced digital instrumentation available to today’s pilots, the practical use of the Navitimer as a usable tool has obviously decreased — though this same case can be made for basically all mechanical watches — but its popularity has endured thanks to the charm of wearing an overbuilt analog co-pilot on the wrist that was conceived at a time when there was legitimate need for such a thing.

Super Clone Rolex Day-Date Watches

    Year Introduced: 1956

    Why It’s Significant: The first watch to display the full day of the week spelled out, it quickly became associated with world leaders and success.

You’re probably sick of Rolex by this point, but the 1950s really was the Rolex Decade. That’s mostly owed to the fact that it was a decade of tremendous exploration and dedicated tool replica watches with Swiss movements designed to meet the moment — something at which Rolex has always excelled. But in the 1950s, just as today, Rolex wasn’t just a maker of tool watches.

The other half of the brand’s collection is composed of luxury dress super clone watches shop, and none stand mightier than the Datejust. Nicknamed the “President” for how it eventually became popular among world leaders — LBJ was most responsible for perpetuating that reputation — the Day-Date, which has always been produced exclusively in full precious metals, has been the ultimate status symbol watch.

But the Day-Date was always more than just a showy timepiece for the rich and powerful. Like every other Rolex of the era, it also boasted some notable innovations, as it was the first watch to display the full day of the week spelled out on the dial alongside the date, hence the watch’s no-nonsense name.

This made it practical as well as attractive — an ongoing theme among the luxury fake watches chosen for this guide — and represented another technical advancement in the fast-moving world of mid-century watchmaking. The Submariner may be the more popular watch, but the Day-Date will always be Rolex’s flagship, just as it was when it first turned heads in 1956.

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