As watch lovers, we spend our lives slowly building our unique visions of the perfect watch collection. If you are like me, the perfect collection is a dynamic concept. My idea of it develops as I do. To this end, I have sold the lot and started over several times now. And even when I am in a less drastic mood, I tend to let some best super clone watches go in favor of others at times.

And then Nacho asked: what if you could start over with a €25,000 budget? Pretend you don’t have any 1:1 UK replica watches yet, but you have an available €25K budget. So here we are. This is how I would spend it to build my current idea of a perfect watch collection.

The sports watch in my perfect watch collection

As my daily sports watch, I would opt for luxury super clone Rolex Submariner ref. 14060 two-liner watches. This is the first generation of the no-date Sub to feature a sapphire crystal and the last (14060M, technically) to feature an aluminum bezel insert. Much like the 16570 that I actually own, that makes it the absolute Goldilocks generation for me. It has the classical tool-watch aesthetic paired with modern reliability.

As I said, I would opt for the earlier two-line model. This refers to the dial printing. There is no “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” on its dial. I love how neat and minimalist this dial looks. To me, it is the archetypal dive-watch design that all other dive high quality fake watches are forced to relate themselves to. Therefore, if I can only have one, this is the one for me. Yes, I am aware that it is a cliché choice. In my opinion, though, it is deservedly so.

I should be able to find a nice one around the €10,000 mark, putting me at a total spend of €20,000.

Completing my perfect watch collection with a GADA watch

The above means I have €5,000 left for my favorite genre — the GADA copy watches online. Now, if I may be completely honest with you, I would wait and buy my VPC Type 37HW when it comes out. That probably comes off as a bit pretentious, but it isn’t intended that way. After all, it is my unique vision of the perfect GADA watch, so there would be something wrong if it wasn’t my pick, right?

But I see how that is a lame answer at this point, so I will play ball. Within what is currently available, my GADA of choice would be the Swiss made super clone Cartier Santos Galbée XL ref. 2823 watches. I blame Daan for my falling in love with this one. It would have never appeared on my radar if it weren’t for him. It is a watch I don’t like in pictures all that much, but on the wrist, it just sings.

You wouldn’t have guessed it from my three picks, but I am generally not a fan of Roman numerals. On the cheap Santos de Cartier super clone watches, however, they somehow counterbalance the very industrial-looking case and bracelet. And once on the wrist, it has a much sportier and more aggressive stance than its French-chic design might suggest. I would probably have to spend my entire remaining €5K to get one in good shape, but I’d be happy to.

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