The international watch market is a vast industry full of stellar brands — some have been around for centuries, while others debuted only a decade ago. Breaking it down to the best brands is a daunting task. But what if you broke it down to simply Swiss watch companies? Well, that is still a daunting task, as dozens of luxury watch brands have set the standard for watchmaking around the world. Swiss AAA super clone watches are the center of the watch universe, but there are still some that stand above the rest.

Some brands on this list were born and built in Switzerland; others came from elsewhere but are now based in the watch capital of the world. If you are looking to buy Swiss 1:1 replica watches, you can go with the tried and true luxury brands that everyone knows or the new kids on the block looking to overtake the industry. Either way, there is a watch company on this list to fit your needs. Here are the best Swiss wholesale super clone watches brands out there.


High quality Omega fake watches is one of the fathers of Swiss watchmaking and has been worn and used by the Royal Flying Corps, the U.S. Army, and dozens of other military organizations since WWI. Of course, the perfect UK super clone watches are most well-known right now for gracing Daniel Craig’s wrist in James Bond, but they have been around longer than 007 and are arguably more iconic.


No watch list would be complete without the father of chrono-innovation. Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches has set the standard for watchmaking for over a hundred years, including multiple icons that still top the most desired watch lists today. Perhaps their most famous copy watches for sale is the Submariner, which defined the dive watch industry for the last half-century.


One of the more attainable watch brands on this list, cheap Breitling super clone watches, has come to be known as the everyman sport and tool watch. Don’t be surprised if you see it on the wrist of pilots, drivers, and other people who need a sports watch of stellar durability, function, and style.

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