Last week was all about Watches & Wonders, an event that creates a big buzz around the newest releases.

It can take time to digest what we do or do not like about an emoji Rolex or if we can convince our significant other to let us grab that L.U.C, so for now let’s take a look at some high quality super clone watches that we have all had plenty of time to think about.

This week’s pre-owned picks are about the neo-vintage UK cheap replica watches in our collection. The ones that aren’t ready for their AARP card nor are they young enough to escape the patina of tritium or the scratches that come with non-ceramic bezels. There is no agreed definition of what timeline defines the neo-vintage era, but generally from when mechanical watch making was starting to come back after the quartz takeover until modern lume and materials started to propel us into a new world of watchmaking: or roughly 1980 – 2000.

The designs of these models have proven themselves as they influenced the next generation of perfect super clone watches. They also come with the additional upside that they are all still easy to repair with parts readily available, unlike some troublesome older vintage pieces. Here are five pieces that deserve a spot in your collection.

Super Clone Rolex GMT-Master II Coke Ref. 16710 Watches

Coke Vs Pepsi isn’t a choice for current consumers of the current 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master II watches. This black and red bezel combination has yet to make it to the modern age of ceramic bezels despite the popularity of its original production run from 1983-2007.

This model 16710 is from 1991, a time when Rolex was transitioning from its roots as a producer of tool AAA super clone watches, to a producer of  luxury goods. The lume plots are no longer applied directly to the dial but rather housed in white gold, which adds depth to the dial and a high-end shine older GMT-Masters don’t have. This model has a slight scuff on the white gold minute hand, but all of the tritium has started to patina to a beautiful cream color without any cracking, which takes 30 years of patience and luck to achieve. The aluminum bezel is in overall excellent shape for its age and it is starting to show some patina on the lower red half. The classic lug hole case is in great shape and so is the oyster bracelet.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow 1957 Re-Edition Ref. 3594.50.00 Watches

This online copy Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow watches was released in 1997 to celebrate 40 years of the original smash-hit Speedmaster with its steel bezel and big ‘ol arrow hands. This tribute to the original includes the old-school Omega logo on the dial and a near-flawless bezel – something that is rare for an over 20-year-old piece of exposed steel. Inside is the caliber 1861, a movement that was standard for Speedmasters in the late 1990s, and is a direct descendant of the original caliber 321. Having now been around long enough to have its own place in history, this 3594.50.00 is the perfect blend of rare vintage looks, a neo-vintage pedigree, and is as easy to repair and maintain as a new Speedmaster.

Cartier Santos Galbee Large Ref. W20018D6 Super Clone Watches

Introduced in 1987 as a sleeker, smaller, and less boxey version of the Santos Carree, the Galbee kickstarted an upward sales trend for what continues to be a staple in the Cartier catalog. The unusual part of this Santos is the blue printing on the dial. Nearly all the Swiss movements super clone Cartier Santos Galbee watches made were done so with traditional black printing. The in-house Caliber 687 quartz keeps things accurate, and a few small scratches adorn the stainless-steel bezel, something to be expected from a watch born in 1999.

Breitling Navtimer Twin Sixty 2 Ref. A39022.1 Fake Watches

Despite the name, this is not a traditional Navitimer, this is the very unusual Breitling Twin Sixty 2. Produced for a very short run in 1999, this watch didn’t even make it into the annual Breitling catalog before it was discontinued. At a hair under 42mm across, the case is actually smaller than many luxury super clone Breitling Navitimer watches without losing the slide-rule scale or any chronograph information. The chronograph has the traditional seconds hand, with a large minute hand right behind it for easy elapsed minute reading. The sub-dial at six also has two hands, one for the hours and another minute counter. These two different elapsed minute counters are the reason for the Twin Sixty name. The dials at three and nine are running seconds and a 24-hour clock, respectively. The oversized hour markers stand out for much easier reading than any watch this full of information has any right to be. Rare one year only of production in excellent condition – this is the kind of watch hunting neo-vintage collectors dream of.

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