Some of you might even dispute the fact that Plongeur is a separate category for best super clone watches hands. They are, in fact, a mixed set of baton and sword hands used for a pretty-iconic dive watch. And who, exactly, are the progenitors of the enigmatically named Obelisque style? Read on, and let some unfamiliar styles of UK cheap replica watches hands point the way.

Do Mercedes hands make the Submariner what it is?

One should think so, based on the hundreds (thousands?) of homages, copies, and inspired hands out there. Yes, they only belong on a Submariner or GMT-Master. Such is the power of high quality Rolex super clone watches. So much so that this design, unlike any other sword, feuille, or arrow hand, will make you shout “copy!” or “homage!” if you see them on any other perfect fake watches. They do, however, cheekily also appear on a number of Tudor Subs from back when the Tudor actually had luxury Rolex super clone watches markings on the case back. Why are they called Mercedes hands? Because the round end of the hour hand has a pattern that indeed resembles the encircled star of Mercedes-Benz fame.

Sword hands on a hyped-up Cartier are just right

Yes, AAA Cartier copy watches is the brand du jour in 2022, and it’s a dressy one. Surely, sword hands are big, tough hands for a tool watch? Well, yes and no. With a change in size and color comes flexibility — just check out the wholesale super clone Cartier Tank Solo watches (that I want!). While the sword hands on a Seamaster Professional 300M are skeletonized weapons, on a Tank Solo, they are delicate, sharp, and beautifully colored. The tint of heat-blued hands will add an extra dimension to any dial, and on crisp silvery-white Swiss made Cartier replica watches dial, they are just right. And yes, they happen to match the blue cabochon crown. They are angular with a slim base, widening out and ending in a sharp sword tip. A textbook example if I ever saw one, and on dress super clone watches for sale at that.

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