Paul Butros has been immersed in a world of fine 1:1 super clone watches for decades, first as the son of a collector, later as a collector himself and currently as Phillips’ head of watches in the Americas.

WATCHPRO challenged Mr Boutros to come up with his favorite Swiss movements replica watches of all time, a task that led to some serious soul-searching.

“This was tough to do because there are so many good watches,” says Mr Boutros.

“I struggled with numbers nine and ten because of the ones that I had to leave out, but I wanted the list to be as diverse as possible and not just a list of models from certain brands.”

Due to his dilemma, we allowed Mr Boutros five honorable mentions at the end.

Super Clone Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ‘Rainbow’ Watches

There have been so many references since its introduction in 1963, which is one of the reasons I love the AAA UK super clone Rolex Daytona watches so much.

It’s evolved in so many ways and Rolex has been playful with it, especially in the 1990s and into the 2000s when they started gem-setting and introducing versions like the Daytona Beach with hardstone dials.

Then finally, in 2012, they introduced the Rainbow, which is my favorite modern high quality fake Rolex Daytona watches (if we’re talking about vintage then it would be a gold Paul Newman, probably the JPS).

Back in 2012, the market wasn’t ready to grasp the concept of the Rainbow and how important it was.

Initial feedback from collectors was that it was pretty ostentatious – similar to the reception received by the Leopard Daytona that came out years earlier.

But a few years later, Rolex’s position as a true innovator was confirmed when many brands introduced their own rainbows.

More people started to recognize how great the gem-setting on perfect super clone Rolex sports watches was and how rare the pieces were.

The gems are set in the most robust way – the ‘Rolex way’.

Rolex builds best copy watches that you can wear every day without worry – this is why they don’t make minute repeaters or perpetual calendars – they are too delicate. But the quality of the gem setting, is simply outstanding.

Also, the quality of the gems is extraordinary. They use internally flawless stones, color matched and precisely cut – all hand selected and hand set.

In my opinion, the combination of the quality of the stones and the quality of setting is even better than the top jewellery houses.

Rolex really does the best.

Replica Cartier Tank Cintrée Watches

For me, the Cintrée is the ultimate Tank. Introduced in 1921, the proportions, the curves, the way it fits the wrist.

Imagine, in 1921, that large Tank and just how impressive it must have been to see a gentleman wearing that cheap Cartier super clone watches.

Cartier has produced it in very small batches every single decade since then – even to this day – in limited-edition versions.

I just think they’re wonderful time-only gentlemen’s dress luxury replica watches.

Vintage Cartier is so loved right now.

In the 1990s rectangular super clone watches online site were popular, but after that people tended to steer away from them and focus on round.

Now they are having a resurgence.

Vintage Cartier has always been great and people are looking for greatness. The way they were made, the way they were designed, was not inspired by any other brand. It was their thing.

As wholesale fake watches collecting attracts more people, Cartier has a good solid foundation to continue to grow in popularity.

Omega Speedmaster ref. ST 105.012-66 Super Clone Watches

Simply a killer watch.

I particularly like the ref. 105.012 that started production around 1964 because that is the model that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wore to the Moon in 1969.

It’s the perfect collectors’ China Omega super clone watches – especially for new collectors because you can still find a good one that won’t break the bank.

As an engineer, I can appreciate the rigorous testing that a government agency puts products under, and the Speedmaster beat all other competing best quality replica watches to be selected by NASA.

From its introduction in 1957 to this day, its continued to evolve.

But this is the 65th anniversary and the modern version is still based on the original and, like the Porsche 911, it still shares the same lines and look as the original.

It is just terrific super clone watches paypal for the money.

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