It’s been reverently called The Crown, rappers have rhapsodised about “Rollies” in their songs, and collectors assign nicknames to their favourite models from Batgirl to Dirty Harry. Rolex may be one of the most recognised brands – in any category, not just luxury Rolex super clone watches – on the planet, but its reputation is well earned and far from hype. “Rolex is synonymous with quality and luxury,” says Faye Soteri, senior watch buyer at The Watches of Switzerland Group. “The client can trust in its longevity, form and function as both a watch and piece of jewellery.”

But with so many choices and models, where does one even start? First set yourself a budget as this will narrow the field from the outset. Then, Soteri suggests looking at one’s lifestyle to consider the AAA UK Rolex replica watches’ ultimate purpose. Is it purely to wear for special occasions, and hence more akin to a special piece of jewellery? Or will the Rolex be your daily watch, in which case robustness and versatility will be paramount?

For a first-time Rolex, insiders agree on the classic Datejust (from £5,500, in 31mm size). “It’s the best buy in watches and a great place to start if you’re to have only one Rolex,” says watch dealer Eric Wind, founder of Wind Vintage. Moderate in size, a Datejust is elegant and exudes all the enduring Rolex codes, plus you’re spoilt for choice with a plethora of metal finishes, bezel and dial options. “It’s a model that’s perfect for daily, robust wearing and transitioning to evening,” says Soteri, who adds that the 31mm case size cheap super clone Rolex Lady Datejust watches is especially popular.

Also trending right now is the top fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches (from £4,200), which Rolex introduced in a selection of eye-popping dial colours in 2020, from sunshine yellow to a jewel-like blue. And for the more sports and unisex inclined, there’s the ultra-covetable Submariner (from £7,150) and Daytona (£11,600) models, which have been spotted on the likes of Chiara Ferragni and Sofia Vergara respectively. Rolex also just unveiled the sporty new green and black perfect super clone Rolex GMT Master II watches (£8,800) with the quirk of a left-sided crown that will no doubt make it an all-new hot collector’s item.

Your main problem however will be getting your hands on that Swiss made Rolex copy watches of your dreams. Increasingly hard to find, the brand has become a victim of its own success. Stores are regularly out of stock and there are long waitlists for popular models. The pandemic, paradoxically, saw interest in Rolex soar, as people had more disposable income in lockdown and flocked to trusted, time-honoured brands. If you do want a new one, it is key to develop a relationship with your local Rolex boutique and get your name down on their waiting list stat.

Thankfully, a thriving and rich secondary market is also at hand – and it serves up some wonderful history and individuality to boot (though expect popular models to be selling at a premium). Wind especially likes vintage Rolex super clone watches for sale for their more handcrafted feel and unique, patinaed dials, with each one ageing differently.

“I think they have more of a story to tell,” he says. “Vintage Rolexes are much rarer in reality than a brand-new one where over a million replica Rolex watches wholesale site are made per year. Back in the day, only 100,000 to 200,000 were made [a year].”

He does drill home the importance of buying from a reputable source, however, such as a specialist site like Watchfinder, Crown & Caliber or at auction. Just be sure to read the condition report, he adds, which provides details for the watch, including any damage, and any additional fees and taxes that are payable.

Last year, eBay launched its watch “authenticity guarantee” programme in the UK, where any watch sold on its site over £2,000 is subject to a series of inspection checks, and includes a money-back guarantee. Rolex Datejusts are among the most sought-after models on the site, with the most valuable piece sold in the last three years 2019 Swiss movements Rolex GMT-Master II super clone watches in rose gold with a black dial, which went for £50,000.

Elsewhere, several luxury retailers have also launched certified pre-owned programmes, complete with rigorous checks and two year warranties on any pre-owned Rolex. Watches of Switzerland puts its pre-owned China Rolex fake watches through their paces, undergoing the same rigorous checks as they would at Rolex’s service centre in Switzerland. Polishing, waterproof testing and functionality checks like date setting, chronograph or GMT functions are among the services carried out.

The authorised Rolex dealer Bucherer likewise has a similar service, with only Rolex watchmakers allowed to service Rolex super clone watches paypal. “Any watch we take in needs to be pretty much put back to the mintest condition possible,” says Pierre Hardouin, Bucherer’s certified pre-owned trading manager. “It’s really about taking a watch and giving it a second life.”

Plus, the two-year warranty, in Rolex terms, means going above-and-beyond. “If the watch works perfectly for two years, it should work perfectly for five, 10 years,” adds Hardouin.

Both Bucherer and Watches of Switzerland also offer a trade-in and buy-back service, where customers can bring in old watches they no longer love or wear, to upgrade to, say, that 1:1 replica Rolex Day-Date watches you’ve long been eyeing up (Hardouin notes that the underlying watch will likely need to be a luxury watch, with a value of at least £500).

Whether buying an old or new Rolex, both Soteri and Wind emphasise arming yourself with research and knowledge. Those wanting to deep dive into the world of a Submariner or GMT-Master, two of the most desirable Rolex super clone watches shop online right now, can check out the Reference Points videos from the online watch site, Hodinkee. Research, says Soteri, is a great way to prepare for a store visit, so you’re armed with questions for the Rolex salesperson.

But in the end, like all momentous and considered purchases, one should follow one’s heart – and try not to take buying a Rolex too seriously. “Have some fun with it,” advises Soteri. “And buy what you want, not what you think you should be buying.”

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