It’s that time of year when we’re all either looking backward or looking ahead into the next year. 2021 is gone (thankfully) and 2022 is here (fingers crossed about this one). So, let’s spend some time talking about some luxury UK super clone watches wishes for 2022 from a selection of brands.

The new year ahead of us means a whole 12 months of 1:1 best replica watches releases to come and possible new trends. I have no clue what the color of choice will be this year, but I suppose the recent emergence of light blue will hang around for a while. Plus, I’m sure that limited editions, collaborations, and the retro trend are here to stay. But those things won’t make my list of high quality super clone watches watch wishes for 2022. Instead, I’ll mention some hopeful releases from some of the more popular brands. Some of these are probably obvious (models that are in need of a refresh), while others are certainly long shots. As always, if you have any ideas or hopes, let us know in the comments section!

Watch Wishes for 2022 — Breitling Super Clone Watches

It’s hard to complain about anything that has occurred at Breitling over the past several years. The brand is seriously back, and along with stylish, welcoming boutiques, Breitling is making some truly wonderful Swiss made copy watches. Honestly, look at something like the manual-wind Premier Chronograph 40 and tell me that it isn’t a fabulous release — you can’t! If we look at all the updates from Breitling, there’s one line in need of a refresh that stands out as one of my greatest watch wishes for 2022 — the Navitimer. The current Navitimer lineup is made up of some really nice perfect super clone Breitling watches with modern movements. However, I’m hopeful that the brand will bring this iconic chronograph into line with the rest of its models. It’s high time that this legend re-enters the conversation when it comes to sporty, luxurious chronographs.

Omega Replica Watches

We cover a lot of Omega here, and in looking at its current lineup, there’s a lot that’s new or recently redone. That makes it tough to figure out some watch wishes for 2022. Last year, very early on, we saw the new top Swiss super clone Omega Speedmaster Professional watches, and that makes 2022 a very hard act to follow indeed. I seriously doubt this will occur, and I’ve mentioned this on a podcast, but I’d really love a new white-dialed Speedmaster Professional. Furthermore, I’d love to see it as a regular production offering with a Hesalite crystal. I think it would look fantastic and, hey, there’s another highly desirable chronograph out there with both a black and a white dial choice. Just saying… Aside from that, one can always dream of a Speedy Tuesday 3!

Rolex Fake Watches

I suppose watch wishes for 2022 are more like wishful thinking — related to something actually happening and then being able to find it. Like a lot of other brands, Rolex has recently updated most of the replica watches for men that people heavily discuss. I suppose pieces like the Cellini, Yacht-Master II, or the Milgauss could receive updates in 2022. Sadly, those probably wouldn’t shake me. I’ve really gotten into Rolex Datejust super clone watches with Swiss movements lately, and one watch that I miss seeing is the Turn-O-Graph/Thunderbird. I actually think that Rolex could do some neat things with the bezel to help differentiate it from prior models. I’d hope the brand would offer it in a couple of sizes and in a variety of materials. It’s time for this cult classic to return once again!

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